25 August 2021

Court Registers Portal – electronic National Court Register from July

From July 2021, the provisions regarding the electrification of the National Court Register (KRS) have entered into force, introducing the Court Registers Portal (Portal Rejestrów Sądowych, PRS). It provides, among other things, several facilitations for entrepreneurs, including the possibility of full registration of a new company via the Internet. Electronic proceedings cover only entrepreneurs registered in the register of entrepreneurs of the National Court Register.

The Court Registers Portal is permanently connected with the Central Repository of Electronic Notary Extracts (Centralnym Repozytorium Elektronicznych Wypisów Notarialnych). It will facilitate the consideration of, inter alia, applications for the transformation of companies.

The new portal is available at https://prs.ms.gov.pl and allows for the use of basic e-services, such as:

  • search engine for entities registered in the National Court Register;
  • S24 portal for registration of selected companies;
  • system for reporting financial statements and other documents (KRS e-forms);
  • a browser for registration files and financial documents – with the help of the entity’s KRS number.

e-KRS requires registered signatures

However, it should be noted that the services of the PRS require a Qualified Electronic Signature or a signature confirmed with the e-PUAP Trusted Profile. An alternative is the possibility of using a representative who meets the specified criteria. Some of the services listed above, such as e-KRS forms or company registration with the help of S24, also require an account.

Summary of changes

According to the announcement issued by the Communication and Promotion Office of the Ministry of Finances, from July 1st, entrepreneurs will be able to:

  • submit electronic applications for entry or change of entry in the register of entrepreneurs of the National Court Register;
  • submit pleadings to the registry court;
  • submit financial documents to RDF (Repository of Financial Documents);
  • use electronic correspondence with the registry court;
  • view electronic registration files of entities entered in the register of entrepreneurs of the National Court Register;
  • provide information on entities entered in the National Court Register.

Before the changes were introduced, only 10% of cases were entered into the KRS electronically. After July 1st, all applications are to be processed only electronically. Documentation submitted before July 1th, 2021, will not be included in the new portal.

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