Doing Business in Poland

Recent years in Polish taxes have been turbulent and unpredictable. Polish Deal, SLIM VAT, or new regulations of the Labor Code are changes that have clearly affected the everyday life of Polish entrepreneurs. Not to mention foreign companies and investors.

In such dynamic circumstances, it is worth having a publication that answers all fundamental questions – Doing Business in Poland created by ARPI experts is the answer.

With such a significant number of changes and uncertainty, there is a natural need for a collective publication that dispels doubts, especially for entrepreneurs planning to start their business in Poland. This is the role of the Doing Business in Poland compendium. Our publication is an ideal first contact tool with the Polish market. Especially for companies debuting on the domestic market. ARPI Accounting focuses on harmonious business development, offering its experience gained while supporting Scandinavian and Ukrainian entrepreneurs in taking their first steps in Poland.

Version 2.23 – current as of May 2023

Version 2.23 of our publication contains up-to-date and proven regulations as well as necessary information that will help you find yourself in the Polish tax landscape.

The ARPI experts took into account only the most important provisions introduced at the beginning of 2023 (another amendment as part of the Polish Deal) and the key changes from the first quarter of 2023. Thanks to this, you can be sure that you will find only up-to-date and verified information in our publication.

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ARPI Accounting is a part of ARPI Group, a Norwegian holding which started to operate in Poland in 2001.