17 February 2020

New JPK_VAT from October 1st – what should be remembered?

The new format of the declaration, which is a part of the JPK_VDEK set, is a combination of previously applicable VAT-7 and VAT-7K declarations. The new standard includes a declaration and records part in monthly (JPK_V7M) and quarterly (JPK_V7K) variants. Domestic VAT payers are obliged to use JPK_VAT from October 1st.

updated: June 2nd, 2020

The new version of JPK_VAT

JPK_VAT will contain complete information about purchases and sales (VAT records for a given period), items from the current VAT-7 declaration (VAT-7K) and all necessary data needed for correct analysis. Combining two separate documents into one format will not only reduce the number of reporting obligations towards Tax Offices and save time but also protect against submitting duplicate information. The change will also affect the administrative side – the number of documents processed will decrease, and the verification of the correctness of the amounts of due and input tax will take place automatically, without the participation of the taxpayer.

The consequence of simplified procedures will also be a smaller number of tax audits and data verification procedures.

JPK_VAT can be signed with a qualified signature, trusted profile or authorization data.

JPK_VAT – deadlines for submitting declarations

Originally, the implementation of the new JPK_VAT declaration was to take place in two stages. However, due to the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the Polish government decided in March to harmonize the date of entry into force of the JPK_VAT declaration for all entrepreneurs. Therefore, from October 1st, 2020, both the largest enterprises as well as medium, small and micro enterprises as well as other active VAT taxpayers will be obliged to submit JPK_VAT. After the cut-off date, the previous formats (VAT-7, VAT-7K) will no longer be used again. Also, companies that decide to change to the new format earlier will not be able to undo this decision.

JPK_VAT submitted in monthly cycles should be submitted by the 25th day of the month for the previous month, excluding Saturdays and public holidays. Taxpayers settling in quarterly cycles should first complete the registration part for the first 2 months of each quarter, and then, after the end of a given quarter, complete the record for the third month of the quarter and submit the JPK_VAT declaration part for the entire period.

Free tools for JPK_VAT preparation

On January 29, the Ministry of Finance published information on the planned release of free tools – in the form of applications and interactive forms – to help prepare and send declarations in the new format. The facilities have been prepared for the smallest entrepreneurs. The package includes:

  • e-micro company application to support JPK_VAT and JPK_FA formats,
  • interactive form, replacing the existing CSV file,
  • JPK client for sending JPK_VAT in XML format.

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