10 August 2020

Taxpayer’s Guide – a new portal run by the Ministry of Finance

The Ministry of Finance has published an open-access portal addressed to the taxpayers, presenting useful information, reporting tools, and solutions for matters regarding taxes, finance, and crisis management.

The Taxpayer’s Guide portal is the latest platform of the Ministry of Finance, aimed at supporting entrepreneurs in the financially difficult times of the COVID-19 pandemic. As intended by the creators, open access to knowledge and tools for diagnosing the company’s condition should contribute to the effective fight against the consequences of the economic lockdown.

Content for the site – such as articles, webinars, diagnostic reports – will be prepared by the Ministry of Finance’s experts in cooperation with the ICAN Institute.

Taxpayer’s guide – free diagnostic tools for entrepreneurs

The Taxpayer’s Guide portal will offer advanced tools for entrepreneurs to verify the effectiveness of implemented business strategies. t this point, there are two publicly available reports:

According to the Ministry, the Crisis Resiliency Audit report gives an entrepreneur an insight into whether the company’s actions against the economic crisis increase its chances of getting out of the crisis intact. The later report, the Business Efficiency Barometer, examines up to 70 key development factors to assess the strategy adequate to the crisis in terms of potential effects in the short and long run.

Completion of the online questionnaire is necessary for the diagnostic reports to generate results.

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Unfortunately, the portal is available only in Polish.
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source: podatki.gov.pl


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