Payroll and personnel files audit

review of the payroll list

correctness of the remuneration calculation audit

personnel files audit

employees entitlements audit

audit of company’s work regulations, wage and salaries regulations, Social Fund regulations


Payroll and personnel files procedures

creation of company’s work regulations

creation of company’s wage and salaries regulations

creation of company’s Social Fund regulations

audit of Payroll department proceduręs

payroll department size validation (with reference to executed processess)


Health and safety services

health and safety initial and periodic trainings

fire prevention trainings

pccupational risk assessment

review of health and safety and fire prevention at work

health and safety and fire prevention supervision- one visit of the Health and Safety specialist monthly


Budgeting and financial reporting

management board reporting requirements

current reporting tools appraisal

ratio analysis

analysis of the budget implementation and variation to

methodology of the budget creation and budgetary control

preparing and implementation of the reporting tools due to the client’s requirements


Assistance and improvement

interim CFO and financial controller

current processes analysis to recognize risks and bottleneck

finance and accounting departments reorganisation

coordination of the accounting processess movement

changes in charts of accounts and management reporting

cost-effectiveness solutions


Post-deal integration following a merger or acquisition

accounting integration – adopted accounting principles integration

chart of accounts integration – changes in current or creating the new chart of accounts

management reporting integration – adjustment to current or proposal of new management reporting

processes integration – analyzing, model and managing of key processes

procedures integration – review, creation or adjustment of the procedures